Have you ever thought, “Why does that block look that way?”. Why do steps require three rows of blocks, but only have two steps? Why do cauldrons take grey iron ingots, and appear blackened?

Minecraft’s blocks rarely match their crafting recipes. Even more odd, crafted blocks often have stuff that are not even in the recipe!


Minecrafter Moesh, creator of Calamity and the founder of Limited Engagement, has created a resourcepack that attempts to fix these issues. We think it’s amazing, and so we’ve shared it with you.


Here are some of the fixes, which include improved rails, ladders, shadows, sheep and chests.

Three Steps in Action

I took Three Steps for a test drive in a survival world of mine. Here are some of the screeenshots I took:


2014-10-07_23.16.47 2014-10-07_23.15.52 2014-10-07_23.15.44 2014-10-07_23.15.08 2014-10-07_23.18.10 2014-10-07_23.17.54

Download the resourcepack from the Three Steps website!

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