Minecraft PC really is the cream of the crop when it comes to what platform you want to play Minecraft on. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could play Minecraft PC on your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be cool to have full access to the full menus that the PC version offers on your Android? Well the guys who brought you the app Block Launcher are back with an app called Boardwalk. Basically Boardwalk is a porting app to run Minecraft PC on Android.

Image: YouTube: Steve Going crazy hearing about MCPC on Android!

The app is not perfect and it could crash or load slow (5 minutes or more!!), but still works good enough to play. You can log in with your Mojang account or you can even play the demo. You can even use a wireless or USB keyboard and mouse, just set it up. We actually recommend it with a keyboard or mouse, can you imagine doing commands! LOL! WUT!

One downside is that you can’t load any mods because you’ll need a launcher for that.. so.. :(

Let us know how it worked out for you. Download Boardwalk app here.


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