Minecraft on Xbox 360 has the ability to have many texture packs but only through a modded Xbox. If you don’t have a modded Xbox you will have to download them as FREE trials or buy them for $0.99 to $5.00 on the Xbox Marketplace with Xbox Live. How to Download Texture Packs Either way this is our list of the hottest texture packs for the Xbox 360 for August 2015!

1. Halo Mash-up Texture Pack (free trial)

Halo Mash-up (Trial)

343 Industries and 4J Studios teamed up to release a Minecraft Halo Mash-up pack featuring skins of all your favourite Halo characters an an entire Minecraft Halo World for you to explore with memorable locations such as Guardian, Sandtrap, Blackout (Lockout), Valhalla, Blood Gulch, and more! In game, the mash-up pack is called Minecraft: Halo Edition.

Image from Halo Mash-up (Trial)

All the texture blocks

Image from Halo Mash-up (Trial)

Halo Skins

Image from Halo Mash-up (Trial)

OMG this looks amazing!

Download Halo Mash-up Texture Pack

2. City Texture Pack (Trial)

With this texture pack, your world will look very natural and clean. Check out the detailed review below and then download it!

Image from Minecraft City Texture Pack (Trial)

All the textures

Image from Minecraft City Texture Pack (Trial)

Very crisp and clean city

Download City Texture Pack

3. Plastic Texture Pack (Free trial)

Try out this vibrant Plastic texture set to completely change the look of your worlds: you’ll be amazed! (Just be aware that in order to save with this new look you’ll have to buy the full version of this pack).

Image from Minecraft Plastic Texture Pack (Trial)

Brightly colored Plastic texture pack

Image from Minecraft Plastic Texture Pack (Trial)

Nice flat finish

Download Plastic Texture Pack

4. Festive Mash-up Pack (Free trial)

Festive Mash-up (Trial)

Christmas is just around the corner, why not spruce up your village with this cool mash-up pack. Some of the features is that it has a HUGE Xmas tree at the center of the town. The paintings and fireplaces are really cool, you have stockings as well! You also have nice Candy canes which make great poles for walk ways and you gotta see the ice caves! You also get Santa Claus, Elves, Yetis, Bigfoot and many more!

Download Festive Mash-up Pack

5. Natural Texture Pack (Free trial)

Try out this warm and soft colored Natural texture set and be prepared to fall in love with it, it looks like they based it on the OCD texture pack.

Image from Minecraft Natural Texture Pack (Trial)

Image from Minecraft Natural Texture Pack (Trial)

Download Natural Texture Pack

6. Candy Texture Pack (Free trial)

Minecraft Candy Texture Pack (Trial)

Take a bite at this delicious texture pack and get a taste for it.

Image from Minecraft Candy Texture Pack (Trial)

Image from Minecraft Candy Texture Pack (Trial)

It’s like living in Candyland!

Download Candy Texture Pack

7. Greek Mythology Mash-up (Free trial)

Greek Mythology Mash-up (Trial)

This contains a Greek mythology style texture and skin pack. It also includes Greek music, awesome ya?! Download the free trial and try it out. You can be Hercules, Thor, Zeus, Medusa, Prometheus, a Minotaur, and MORE!

Image from Greek Mythology Mash-up (Trial)

Image from Greek Mythology Mash-up (Trial)

OMG! Medusa! Don’t look at her eyes!

Image from Greek Mythology Mash-up (Trial)

Download Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack

Remember guys, since these are trial packs you won’t be able to save any of your creations until you get the full versions.

Let us know if you think anymore belong on this list in the comments below.

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