Minecraft cakes are the best because they come in many flavors and designs. These are our favorite Minecraft cake decorations to put on your Minecraft cake.

Papercraft Animal Mob Cake Toppers

minecraft-cake-decorationIf you have a nice farm designed cake or cupcake, this would compliment it perfectly. Over 30 pieces included, comes with 3 pigs , 3 ocelots, 3 sheep, 3 cows, 3 chickens, 10 grassy blocks and 10 stickers. Remember that these are not actions figures, and they are paper that you need to glue or tape together (instructions included). These are also great table toppers and decorations to be used even if its not on a cake. Buy on Amazon

Papercraft Hostile Mob Cake Toppers

papercraft-cake-minecraft-hostileThe hostile mob cake topper set is for the child that enjoys survival mode. Includes over 30 durable pieces: slime blocks, creepers, witches, zombies, spiders, gravel Blocks and stickers. These are papercraft and do require assembly. We suggest helping your child if you want them to build it. Buy on Amazon


Papercraft Minecart Set Cake Toppers

papercraft-cake-minecraft-minecartOver 48 pieces, includes: Steve in Iron armor, Redstone, TNT & Iron Blocks, Minecart & Minecart Tracks, Piston & Furnace, Stickers & Minecraft Mortar Paper Tape. Enough track for an elliptical loop on a poster board. 25 blocks all together! These are easy to fold and put together.  It has great value and lots of fun.Buy on Amazon

Minecraft Action Figure Cake Toppers

papercraft-cake-minecraft-action-figureThese are actually key-chains, but for the price, we would highly recommend these because they are made out of high durability plastic and make great party favors for later when you take it off the cake. 10 pieces are included in this set and each figure is approximately 3 inches tall. The set includes: Zombie, Zombie Pigman, Steve, Pig, Cow, Sheep, Sword, Pickaxe, Skeleton, Creeper. The legs and arms are movable. If you want something that lasts after the party this would be a good choice for a party favor or cake topper. Buy on Amazon



Print out Minecraft Cake Decorations Instead

If you are feeling really crafty, we would recommend to print out your favorite papercraft character or item for free. All you have to do is go to PixelPapercraft.com, but be warned.. it’s difficult. Make your own Papercraft

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