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Tabula is the next big thing in the Minecraft Modding scene. It’s an ingame model editor that lets modders play around to their hearts content, without having to leave Minecraft. However, Tabula is currently only for Minecraft version1.7.10, with support for 1.8 in the works.

You can see it in action below:

Requires Minecraft Forge and iChunUtil!

  • Ingame Minecraft modeler. Hit the T button on your keyboard or the T button in the main menu to access.
  • Workspace folder within the /mods/ folder. Saves, textures, exports, etc go here.
  • Function and UI based off Techne by ZeuX and r4wk. It’s meant to provide a replacement to Techne but not as a proper replacement for third party modelers such as Blender or Maya.
  • Has the ability to open Techne files. Supports Child models and has Undo/Redo save-states.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for New Project, Open Project, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste in Place, Save, Undo, Redo.
  • Imports models from Minecraft directly, including mod models (on best attempt). Yes that is how the EnderDragon model really looks like.
  • Exports updated Java code for modders.
  • Upcoming SMP compatibility.
  • Possibly upcoming 1.8 block model compatiblity.

Visit for more info.

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