If you haven’t heard about Votable yet, you’ve been missing out! Votable is an awesome community where you can share links and grow your social media base. It’s an awesome community because they are very helpful and interactive with each other.

However a couple years ago, on a forum, we found this from a programmer who was working on Votable.com:

Early days of Votable- No Love.

Early days of Votable- No Love.

Woah! What a jerk! I bet that guy who said the website is a waste of internet space is probably a member now. In the past Votable was described as a Yelp of movies, games and TV shows, but now Votable.com is self described as the homepage of the internet, and it seems so, because users submit links they find all over the net and other users vote on their importance. Yes sort of like Reddit, but more focus on sharing user generated content focused on gaming, movies and TV shows.

Votable’s Minecraft community is 3000+ strong and has large inter-server games and UHC tournaments with donations and prizes! Votable’s UHC is awesome because of these donations to charities which is typical of the Minecraft community; they are very supportive and want to change the world to an even better place! On July 11th will be their Season 2 Championships.

Check out This Season 2 Training Montage Video:

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Website: Votable.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoVotable

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