Gearcraft is spreading across the interwebs at such a rapid pace so we want to make sure our fans have access to all the tools needed to share Gearcraft to their friends. Kik Messenger is currently used by 185 million users and most of them love Minecraft!

What is Kik Messenger?

Kik is the first smartphone messenger with a built-in browser. You can talk, browse and share with your friends. Download it now for iPhone, Android or even Windows phone!




How to Share to Gearcraft with Kik?

kik02At the end of every Gearcraft post there will be a “Kik this” share button, just click it once you have the app and you can send it to your friends, relatives, classmates, enemies, teachers, parents and complete strangers!




Want to be the first to try it out? Look below!


Hey Gearcrafters! Now It's your chance to share with us, just hashtag #YoGearcraft on your Twitter post with a link or image to your art, creations, videos, servers or whatever and it will appear right on our #YoGearcraft page for millions to see! It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for!? Give us a shout out #YoGearcraft!