We originally featured Swagnet as a Fan Spotlight back in October 2014, and I was recently contacted by the owner and asked to provide an honest review, now that some changes have been made.

I joined the server, and found it empty. Due to my timezone, and the fact that I went on late at night, I wasn’t too surprised. What this meant however, was that I couldn’t test out any of the minigames properly. I did enter a number of the them, but didn’t actually play them. The teleports worked, and I assume that most of the games work.

Since Swagnet only has 12 player slots, I can’t see it working as any more than a place for a few friends to go and play. This certainly isn’t a Hypixel replacement, but it is an empty server with some minigames that may or may not work. Secondly, the server is still on Minecraft 1.7.9. Whether this is a problem or not is up to you. Personally, this is a point against Swagnet for me, but I know that lots of players are still staying on earlier versions.

The Details

IP: Swagnet.mcph.co
Minecraft Version: 1.7.9

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