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Multicraft – 1.7.2

Minecraft servers are a dime a dozen, and there’s no escaping the fact that to stand out, a server has to do something different from the competition. For Multicraft, it’s the friendly staff and well built games that make it stand out.

What first struck me when I logged onto Multicraft was how polished everything appeared. The spawn looked nice, the compass ‘navigator’ worked properly, and the game lobbies were tidy, if a little minimalist. I played a few rounds of paintball, and was surprised by the map quality. Each map was a recreation of the Call of Duty map of the same name, and the recreations were accurate, given Minecraft’s blocky nature.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Multicraft however, is the lack of players. Part of the problem is it’s reliance on Minecraft 1.7.2. With the lack of Bukkit support for 1.8, and a reliance on server plugins, it’s not surprising to see many servers sticking to 1.7 versions. This is a double edged sword, as the number of players on 1.7 is steadily decreasing.

There is hope for Multicraft however. The upcoming “The Last of Us” gamemode sounds promising, and is slated for a December release. Until then however, there are a large number of gamemodes including the afforementioned paintball, capture the flag, survival, creative plots, one in the chamber and KitPvP.

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If I had to sum up Multicraft, it would be as a polished server experience, but one that needs more players. The staff are some of the best i’ve met, and the numerous gamemodes appeal to everyone.

Server Details

Version: 1.7.2

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