This review was written by Edward Donovan – One of Gearcraft’s server reviewers. If you’d like your server reviewed, send me an email at [email protected]

Reviewing servers is interesting. Sometimes, you find the most awful servers ever – completely full of players. Other times, you find amazing servers empty. MineWise is an example of the latter. I logged in many times over the last week, in an attempt to see if any players were online. None appeared. Since a large part of the server is KitPVP, this meant I couldn’t really do much.


The PvP Arena looked fantastic, and the balance of the avaliable kits was pretty impressive – tank would get Diamond Armour, but a weak sword, wheras a knight would get Protection III Chainmail and a diamond sword.


I was also reasonably impressed with the spawn. which looked nice, and allows players to access everything they need – survival, creative, pvp and the like.

This is about the extent of my review, as I was unable to see anything else without any players.

Finally, a word about the VIP pack. I’m not a lawyer, but the recent updates to Minecraft’s EULA and server perks, I think it could be successfully argued that the VIP kit is gamebreaking.


Server Details:

Version: 1.7.9


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