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Dr Who Online – Minecraft 1.7

I’ll admit it, i’m not the biggest Dr Who buff. I know the TV series exists, I know what Daleks are, and I know that the Doctor travels through time in a TARDIS that looks like a police box. (I think?) And yet, the idea of a Dr Who themed Minecraft server is awesome.

Dr Who Online features three parts – Survival, Creative and Minigames. I spent most of my time in the Creative world, looking around the sandbox and recreation of London. Some of the builds are quite impressive, including a couple of Daleks. This might be considered one of the highlights of the server, if not for the recreation of London that also exists, and can be explored. I spent quite a bit of time flying around and discovering things.


The Survival World seems like any other survival server’s , but with a community that’s tightknit. The niche that Dr Who Online fills means that almost everyone online is a Whovian, and therefore many players band together to survive. Most people seemed to be playing survival, and for that reason, I wasn’t able to try out any of the minigames. There simply weren’t enough players online, and the wide variety of game options was a bit of an issue, as finding the required amount of players for any one is impossible.

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In summary, Dr Who Online is a great community for Dr Who fans. For others who know little, it may be a bit daunting. However, the community is welcoming, and i’d recommend checking out the freebuild sandbox – there are some amazing creations, as I mentioned earlier.

Server Details:

Version: 1.7.9

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