Have you ever considered the science behind Minecraft? No? We hadn’t either. Youtuber NERO and MUFFIN has however. Taking 18 Minecraft questions,he answered them in his series “Nero’s science segment”. This raised some interesting results.

The Questions:

  1. How is the END dimension possible?
  2. Why don’t endermen attack people wearing pumpkins?
  3. How do mobs adapt to survive?
  4. Why do mobs spawn out of nowhere? Do they come from a dimension similar to the END?
  5. Why don’t they attack each other or work together?
  6. Why do “most” hostile mobs burn in sunlight?
  7. Why does gravity only effect sand and gravel?
  8. How does the avatar walk without knees?
  9. How come the wither attacks everything but undead mobs?
  10. How come the rain falls above the clouds as well as below?
  11. Why does a golden apple and potion of weakness change a zombie villager back to normal?
  12. Why does a redstone block conduct electricity but redstone dust does not?
  13. Why does pushing a random button or pulling a random lever conduct electricity?
  14. Why do Endermen Teleport the the overworld?
  15. Where does Minecraft take place in?
  16. How are Mooshrooms made?
  17. What happens to a dead body when a mob or a player dies?
  18. How did zombie pigmen come to be?

The Science

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Over to You

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