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In June 2011, FVDisco posted a video to youtube that would change our understanding of Redstone forever. He created a 5 track music sequencer, in a compact form factor, something that had never been done before.

The sequencer featured 160 notes (32 per channel) a central control station, and 5 independently controlled channels. The compact design was created by using pistons to mute the noteblocks.

Although the map was made in 2011, and therefore designed for Minecraft Beta, it was rebuilt very early last year, for Minecraft 1.4.7. Amazingly, even though we’re now on Minecraft 1.8.1, the sequencer still works.

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The song currently programmed into the sequencer is “Where is My Mind?” by Pixies, although that can easily be changed. The whole contraption is really impressive, and I had a huge rush of nostalgia exploring it earlier today.
You can download it here.

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