Minecraft has, for a long time, lacked proper replay functionality. While you could easily record your game, there was no ability to rewatch a game from any perspective except your own. That is, until now! The Minecraft Replay mod created by CrushedPixel and johni0702 is a Minecraft mod that lets you create a replay file, and then export a video clip from that replay, but from any camera perspective. The trailer does a much better job of showing this than I could ever do explaining it.

What is cool however, is the amazing flexibility of this mod. You can literally do everything. There’s camera tilt, the ability to add in text, slow motion, and different light options. Basically, it’s a video creator’s dream. The mod works through a keyframe system, so if you’ve ever done keyframe animation, it’ll probably be natural.


The mod also features a Replay Center where you can share replays with other people by uploading them to ReplayMod.com. The idea behind this is to create a community who can upload replays, and watch others videos. I’m not 100% how that will take off, but the idea is interesting.

replay-centerIf you want to try out the Replay Mod, you can download it from replaymod.com. The mod requires Forge to work, but isn’t hard to install. You can also expect some Gearcraft Server videos soon using this mod.

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