Over the years, Minecraft has gone through many stages of development. During that time, a number of blocks were made unobtainable in survival. Rare and often useful, these blocks became coveted by Minecrafters who collected them. Today, lets look at some of these rare blocks.

The Blocks

Double Sandstone and Stone Slabs

Most wanted by builders, these two blocks are unobtainable in current versions of Minecraft Survival. What makes them special is the fact that the top texture of each slab is repeated on each face of the block. This allows for smooth walls, often used in industrial or modern themed builds.
double stone and sandstone slabs (smooth)

Stone Wood Slab

When orignally introduced, Wood Slabs were considered as ‘stone’ by Minecraft, and therefore had the same sounds as stone, didn’t catch fire and were broken with a pickaxe. The fire resistance aspect of these slabs makes them hugely desirable for many players, and has also led to them being termed “fake wood” by many players.
fake wood

These three blocks are the rarest in Survival Minecraft.

How to get them

Redditor Zertolurian has compiled a guide to getting these rare blocks. As a bonus, he also describes the process of getting water in the nether.


Updating and Downgrading your Minecraft worlds can lead to bugs, crashes and loss of your creations. Always make a backup to ensure that you don’t lose everything.

Over to you

Are there any other blocks that you think are rare? Did you collect any of these blocks? Let us know in the comments below!

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