Reported by libraryaddict on Reddit, a bug where usernames can contain spaces, which makes it difficult for servers to run commands on that player.

My moderators were complaining earlier on that they were trying to ban a account known as ” GreenArrow”

I took a quick look in my sql database, then quickly confirmed it with Mojang’s uuid database.

Both of them say the same thing. He has a space in his name.

This is somewhat more serious than you realise. Those players are effectively immune to commands. If I use the command “/ban GreenArrow” It will look for the player “GreenArrow”

Meaning ” GreenArrow” can’t be banned without editing files or databases. Something that most players don’t know how to do.

I don’t know how they did this. Its likely that when registering a username, its not making sure you can’t use spaces. Or perhaps it only works on usernames which are already taken.

This is a serious exploit that allows people to use already taken names. Such as logging into a server as “Hypixel ”

This shouldn’t give them OP or similar, but players will be confused and will believe “Hypixel ” to be the real “Hypixel”

Here is a list of players I found on my server with names.

Here is a list of players md_5 (Creator of Spigot) found with spaces in their names

Edit: Seems that this is a old bug which was patched. But Mojang has done nothing to fix the bugged names. Resulting in trouble for the servers those players join.

I can understand their reasoning there. Its too much work to handle them, And its not their servers.

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