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Iron is a pretty important resource in Minecraft. It’s used for tools, armor,  redstone contraptions, minecarts, rails and a lot more. So what do you do if you want a lot of it? Build an iron farm! Iron farms aren’t uncommon, and rely on villagers causing iron golems to spawn, and then killing the golems for iron. However, Project Fe is the largest, most efficient and most productive design yet. Built by Crash89, Project Fe generates a whopping 48,000 iron per hour, at a very impressive 97% efficiency. As shown by the video above, the contraption is massive, and consists of 1152 individual ‘villages’ – areas registered by the game as valid spawns for villagers and iron golems. In short, it’s a farm that generates more iron than anyone realistically needs.

So, what could you make with 48,000 iron per hour?

  • 9600 minecarts
  • 24,000 iron doors
  • 2000 complete sets of Iron Armor
  • 128,000 Iron Bars
  • 16,000 buckets
  • 24,000 shears
  • 1548 Anvils
  • 6857 Cauldrons
  • 5333 Iron Blocks

Other uses for all the iron (assuming that other resources are available) include a massive rollercoaster, a lot of large beacons, or maybe a massive chain of hoppers. You could cover your entire base in iron, or stack it up to the sky.

You can download the farm for yourself and check it out here

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