Anyone that reaches out to us, we do our best to encourage and motivate them. Minecraft teaches many skills that can be applied to other aspect of life. Many Minecrafters turn to YouTube in hopes to get YouTube famous, and in that they learn how to produce videos and make entertaining content. This is where Minecraft Renegades comes in. He has pretty good production skills he only started YouTubing on March 6th. We asked him a few questions to find out what motivates him.

Why do u like Minecraft?

I like it because it is a game that make me happy and I can play with my friends!

What do u think your audience likes about your channel?

My commentary because I talk about fun and serious stuff.

Any future plans for it?

Get better recording devices.

How can other gamers get a chance to play with you?

I earn to play with them.

Which videos are your favorite from your channel?

My survival.

Check out one of his videos!:

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Which videos are your favorite from other channels?

Well that depends on who does it because Mr. Nightfoxx has great video like minecraft. Probably his Minecraft videos.

You can check out his YouTube Channel here:
Hi Twitter is:

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