Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of accomplishing a goal. LBCrocodile took the initiative to contact us to tell us why he wants to be featured on our player spotlight, he doesn’t even have a video on his YouTube channel yet, so why did we pick him? It’s because he possesses the most important quality of what Minecrafters are known for: Ambition.

LBCrocodile at the moment is like many gamers where they lack the equipment to record their own videos, but did that stop him? No, he made a network of friends who have the ability to record and participated in their sessions.

You can see him on @Croc Playz & @JoeyTheJaguarYT videos for the time being.

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lbcrocWhat makes LBC tick? Check out the interview below:

When did u start YouTubing?

I started YouTubing so I could make videos for people to enjoy when I get recording software.

Why do u like Minecraft?

I don’t like Minecraft I love it is one of my favorite games because it is like a place with no limits at all you can do whatever you want to in Minecraft.

What do u think your audience will like about your channel?

I think that they will like who I play with and what games I will play and how much I will play with my subs.

Any future plans for it?

My future plans are to get recording equipment so I can start recording videos so that I can grow as a YouTuber

How can other gamers get a chance to play with you?

People can get a chance to play with me by asking on twitter or Xbox and on my skype my skype name is LBcrocodile my twitter is LBcrocodile and my Xbox is LBcrocodile too.

Which videos are your favorite from your channel?

My favorite videos from my channel so far are my channel trailer and I have more videos to come.

Which videos are your favorite from other channels?

Well I guess from other channels would be ssundee’s madpack 3 beta and lots of his other series and Minecraft 7. Xbox videos by Croc Playz JoeyTheJaguar BoltzTheClown and Lion Maker.

Anything else you would like to add?

I hope to be getting recording equipment by my birthday or Christmas and that’s it and see you later.

You can LBCrocodile on Twitter @LBCrocodile or watch his YouTube Channel here.

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