recently reviewed “Planetary Confinement—The Dunes”, and called it “the new Herobrine’s Mansion”. One of the best things was the cohesiveness of the custom blocks, the fact that they worked like magic. samasaurus6 has now lifted the curtain to show us how some of the mechanics work. Specifically the sieve – a block that serves as the main way to get resources.

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Here’s a summary of our review:

Samasaurus6‘s “Planetary Confinement—The Dunes” was released last week, and i’ve been playing it over the last few days.
Having never played the mod pack that inspired this map, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. (I have watched a few of Etho’s LP videos). What I found was a well polished map that challenges what we expect from Minecraft adventure/challenge maps.

You start out in a crashed spaceship, with a spacesuit, a sapling, a redstone rifle to defend yourself and a machine to extract water from saplings. Oh, there’s also a quest book. Your job is to survive, and eventually escape.

You can read our full review of Planetary Confinement here

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