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Epic Builds: Plan B Heavy Rocket Cruiser

Epic Builds is a series in which I find the best the Minecraft community has built recently. The criteria is simple: the build has to be epic! This week’s creation is “Plan B” – a massive flying battleship!

The Top 15 Mushroom Island Seeds of 2016

Mushroom Island — the extremely rare biome in the middle of the ocean.  A land of mooshrooms, mushrooms and mycelium. The most unique of all …

Release Date for Minecraft 1.9 Update Announced!

Minecraft 1.9 is coming out! The Combat Update is soon to be here! Read on to find out what the release date is, and what’s coming in the update.

Best 2016 Toys and You Can Vote Now

It’s your chance to vote for the Best Toys of 2016 for You could win one of 11 toy prize packages!

Charity, Community and Chaos: The Story of Votable’s UHC Tournaments

This Saturday, our friends at are hosting the third UHC tournament. I sat down with one of the site’s administrators Asterious, to learn more about the event, and the inspiration behind it. 

Epic Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds List 2015

Find some awesome terrains, mountains, oceans, waterfalls and more to explore with our ultimate seed list for Minecraft PE.

Watch as Minecraft Becomes an Epic Music Visualiser with Animated Blocks!

Video overload! (Make sure you watch them all!)

Check Out These Cute Minecraft Stained Clay Statues!

I think this is probably one of the cutest lions I’ve seen in Minecraft. The rest of the album gets better.

All Aboard the Underwater Wonderland Contest!

PlanetMinecraft’s popular Underwater Wonderland contest is 10 days in. The goal is to build an underwater world. Can you tame the ocean? Must build on custom downloaded starter map. Prizes from Steam Games,

“Better than Default”: Improvements to Minecraft’s Textures You Always Wanted!

Minecraft’s default textures are the most defining feature of the game, and have become the most recognisable in game history. “Better than Default” is a …