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Are You Out of the Loop on Crazy Craft?

CrazyCraft Mod pack is based around craziness. There are various new Mobs, structures, weapons, the list is endless! You really won’t understand the true power of the pack until you play it yourself.

Minecraft Makes My Son Crazy!

Crazy melt downs, rudeness, melodramatics that I’ve never seen from him before, when he plays Minecraft,” says one parent. Well to we her say, Big …

The Top 11 Steam Trains Built in Minecraft!

I might not have mentioned this before, but I like trains! Here are 11 of the best steam trains I could find.

Check out the Top 12 Minecraft: Console Edition Castles!

It’s castle time again! This time, lets look at the what the Console Editions have to show!

Best 2016 Toys and You Can Vote Now

It’s your chance to vote for the Best Toys of 2016 for You could win one of 11 toy prize packages!

Can You Hit Par for Course in Minigolf 4? | Minecraft Minigame Map

Check out our attempt at playing Minecraft Minigolf, and then be awed at my alliteration attempts.

Add an Awesome Gaming PC Setup to Your Next Build With This Simple Tutorial!

Are you looking for an addition to your modern build? Perhaps something to add to the living room? Or maybe you need something to complete …

Download The Doll Maker: A Horrifying Minecraft Map

Creepy music, voices, and ambiance. The Doll Maker is one of the most spookiest maps we’ve seen for Minecraft. Watch our review and download.

When Ducks Gone Wild—I Really Don’t Know!

To be completely honest, I’m not sure what this build is. I found it on PlanetMinecraft, and it has the title “When Ducks Gone Wild”. …

Microsoft HoloLens Teams Up With NASA- Minecraft in Space?

When Microsoft unveiled their HoloLens technology at the E3 convention, we all lost out minds. The demonstration of the HoloLens was just an example of …