Recently when I found Space Invaders in Minecraft, I thought i’d seen everything. It turns out I was wrong. Now here’s Pacman. Created by Magib1, it’s still in development, but looks promising. The video above is a demonstration of the ghost AI working properly that was posted on reddit earlier today.

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The ghosts act like they did in the original Pacman:

  • Blinky (Red) targets Pacman directly
  • Pinky (Pink) targets a cell 4 blocks in front of Pacman, except when Pacman is facing up, in which case Pinky targets 4 blocks up and 4 blocks to the left (due to an original overflow error in the game – yes, I’ve included that too!)
  • Inky (Blue) targets 2x the vector from Blinky to two blocks in front of Pacman in the direction he’s facing
  • Clyde (Orange) targets Pacman if Pacman is outside a 7-block radius, and targets his home corner if Pacman is within a 7-block radius

While the map is still in development, it’s a great example of what’s possible in Minecraft. I’m looking forwards to playing it when it comes out, and you’ll be able to read our review when it does.

Until then, check out this Epic Dirt Palace!

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