Unfinished builds are the bane of servers. The labors, left unfinished, of players either gone or away are eyesores upon the skyline. Although they can be ugly, one player has come up with a solution that beats anything else. Cmarty—after his friend went to Japan for 6 months—turned the unfinished build into a construction site.


Here’s the completed Construction site. Every detail is accounted for, and it’s awesome.

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1 - The whole job site

The whole job site

2 - Cement Truck

Cement Truck

6 - Semi trailer ran out of petrol I guess

Semi Trailer (Ran out of petrol I guess)

3 - Excavator


7 - All his resources were moved into the trailer with a Forklift

All his resources were moved into the trailer with a Forklift

4 - Crane to ship materials lights up at night

Crane to ship materials (lights up at night)

5 - Incomplete frame

The Incomplete Frame

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