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It’s time for more command block creations! We’re again featuring another of TheRedEngineer‘s creations. This time, it’s a recreation of the Lucky Blocks mod with only one command.

Gold — a fairly useless resource in the grand scheme of Minecraft. The tools you can make with it are fairly average, and unless you plan to make a rollercoaster, there’s not really a lot else to do with them. Why not turn them into something else? This is the premise of Lucky Blocks. You can turn your gold into blocks that have a chance of dropping lucky things. (Although you risk the possibility of accidentally opening an unlucky block). These events include diamonds, traps & giant slime towers. (Watch the video to see more in action).

The one restriction is that the command only works with Minecraft 1.9 and above, since it uses a number of new features added in 1.9.

If you want to test your luck, get the command here

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