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Here’s the press release from Mojang:

To celebrate two years of skin sharing, Minecraft Skin Studio has been completely redesigned!

Since the release of Skin Studio over 900,000 skins have been created, almost 3,000,000 comments written, and over 2,500,000 likes cast. Not too shabby. A lot has changed in Minecraft since then too, so rather than patch the older version, the good people at 57digital have remade their app from the ground up.

Skin Studio Encore now features:

A completely new user interface and easier to use editing system
Full support for both Steve & Alex
3D Previews everywhere – including while editing your skin!
Uses the new Minecraft API for importing a skin by username
Loads of advanced tools (including the much requested copy & paste!)
Over 900,000 community skins
The ability to submit your own creation to the community or download & modify!
Upload your skin to and change your skin for PC/Mac.

A trial version of Skin Studio is also available. Skin Studio Lite gives you the chance to design a full Minecraft Skin, but with slightly limited tools. It’s also worth pointing out that Skin Studio Pro users get the Encore upgrade for free! Just go to the updates tab on the app store.

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