If you follow Sethbling or AntVenom, you’ll know about Minecraft speedrunning. For the uninitiated, speedrunning is attempting to complete a game as fast as possible. In Minecraft, this means defeating the Ender Dragon.

Until recently, the world record was 10:44.850. Today however, speedrunner “Funder” managed to get a time of 9:40.36.

Speedrunning Minecraft is normally done under a specific set of conditions. In this case, the record is in the Any% Set Seed Glitchless category, meaning that there are no aditional requirements beyond beating the game, there is a set seed for Minecraft to generate the terrain from, and no bugs or glitches can be used.

You can watch the recording and commentary above (warning: strong language at 10 minutes in). You can also check out the leaderboards on speedrun.com

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