Minecraft.net – the original website, hasn’t changed in more than four years. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang however, it appears that something is happening. Owen Hill, Mojang’s “Chief word officer” recently tweeted the following – a Mockup of Minecraft.net’s new homepage.

Here’s a sneak peek at something the websters, @jnkboy and I have been working on for a long time. It’s gonna be rad!
Minecraft.net Homepage
Owen Hill @Bopogamel – Chief word officer at Mojang

The Current Minecraft.net

minecraft website

A boring site, with lots of text which no-one can be bothered to read.

The New Minecraft.net

While the design has been attributed to Microsoft by many in the Minecraft Community, Further investigation reveals that the design was created before Microsoft’s purchase:

@matt8348 @Bopogamel This was started way before that. We looked at a lot of grid based UIs though, like Metro.

Here’s the image again, at full size.
Minecraft.net Homepage Full Size

What’s the verdict?

A sleek homepage, with what appear to be a collection of images that show the different aspects of Minecraft, is something we would welcome. Minecraft has, for the longest time, faced the problem of a lack of game information. This new layout aims to solve it. We like the homepage, and look forwards to seeing it released.

Over to You

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