This week’s Epic Build is “Napolis — City in the Clouds”, a massive city spanning two islands. Palaces cover the land, and ships sit in the harbour. This epic build was created by FischsuppeHyperionHydradennisbuildsMulcho and Shien.


Far, far away on the ocean lives a nation on an island. The citizens are living in great affluence of which they have collected in many battles over thousands of years. They believe in the redeemer Natradis, who was one of the chosen humans in the world. He was in the state that he could harm and kill the gods of their world. Natradis was also able to canalize the strength of stars to increase his own power. In the beginning of the world Natradis won a battle against one of the greatest gods and established three stars as a source of infinite power on the island. Natradis was the founding father of Napolis and all of their power and strength comes from Natradis. Because of his heroic actions he became the God of the nation of Napolis.


If you want to dowload this build, you can find it on PlanetMinecraft

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