Written by vEchozZ, here’s an epic story about a heist on a Multiplayer Server, which reads like the script of the next Mission Impossible movie.
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After owning the game for no longer than 6 months my buddy, we call him Squid (don’t ask!), invited me to join him on a factions / anything goes server. I’m usually not the type to play on these types of servers, particularly if griefing/raiding is permitted, but I joined him anyways.

After a few hours of learning how factions worked, finding a place to start and some basic resource gathering, we decided we will build a floating island in the sky, and live on it. We spent days working on it. After we had got some pretty awesome armor, weapons and tools we were satisfied that we were ready to take on some enemies and really get into the whole griefing and raiding part of the server. We thought that a very high rated player on the server would be a good target, and it would certainly get us up there in the ranks.

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We hatched a plan; we would first scout out his base and decide on which room to attack on (he had a pretty extensive home). We obviously picked the most valuable rooms, which contained a single chest of golden apples (gotten via “donating” for the server), many many sets of diamond armor, a few “God Swords”, and a lot of obsidian. It was ridden with traps, lava bucket dispensers and fire arrow “machine guns” (fire arrow dispenser hooked up to a rapid clock). We realized that this would not be easy. Even with the best gear in the game, we were contemplating actually going forward with the suicidal mission. We continued fourth. As I observed, I devised a plan that would require a great deal of effort, but Squid was determined that it would be worth it. We kept on striving to fully plan out the very challenging, but very rewarding mission.

At first, we were going to go in to the base guns blazing, and hope to kill him, then loot the chests. However this was not a very bright idea, as he had a very good shot at killing us both. Squid formulated the idea of us going in when he wasn’t online, with nothing but our bare hands and some bread on us, just in case he had any buddies, or we fell in any traps. We would not acquire the goods then, because if he or anyone else came to the base, we would be killed with one swing of the sword. We would but take the coordinates of the most open spot in the small, cramped room, then run. What would we use the coordinates for? Nether Portals.

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Squid explained to me that the Nether is 8 times smaller than the Overworld, and that if you divided the coordinates we took by 8, then that would be the coordinates to build a portal at in the Nether. He pointed out to me that if we went through the portal in the Nether, then the game would create a portal at the place we first took the coordinates in The Vault, as it was called.

We went forward with the plan, after we had acquired the coordinates of inside The Vault, which brought with it a great deal of difficulty. It was time. We cleared our inventory, bringing with us only the clothes on our back and our swords. Once the Nether Portal was built, we only had to build a railway system back to our base, and of course light the portal itself. We constructed the one thousand block long rail line to our base, and brought with us about ten mine cart with chests.

We ignited the portal, we knew once we had traveled through the door, there was no turning back. We considered turning back now, but we knew that all this planning would be for nothing. We proceeded through. It took us about ten minutes to load up our inventories, and didn’t want to risk coming here twice, because he could log on at any time. We loaded the mine cart chests with as much goodies as they could carry. Obviously one of us would have to go the long way back, as if we both left via the Nether, there would still be a portal in the middle of the victims now looted vault.

I decided to take the bullet, and waited for Squid to return back through the portal, then breaking it with an efficiency five diamond pickaxe. It seemed to go on forever. Once done, I broke out of the plundered home. I ran towards the sunset, knowing that when he logged on, he was going to be furious.

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