Earlier this year we covered one of the most anticipated conventions of the year, Minecon 2015, mainly because the 2014 event was cancelled. Minecon  2015 broke records, by selling out the largest convention in history, but 10,000 people doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most fun.

Welcome to MineVention

Minevention WOAH! This years going to be even bigger!

Minevention WOAH! This years going to be even bigger!

MineVention is an unofficial convention for mining fans, an UK event is being held at The Peterborough Arena on 12th September 2015. The first MineVention was held 4 months ago in Ireland, selling out EVERY SINGLE TIME! The venue size can support over 5000 Minecraft fans along, and we cant wait to see you all , because we will be reporting live from location!

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Past Event Photos: http://minevention.co.uk/gallery/

Minevention Costumes!

Minevention Costumes!

What Attractions Can You Expect at MineVention?

You can come and meet some of the biggest names in the YouTube gaming world, where you can get autographs, photos and participate in the YouTuber Question and Answer panel.

Minevention: Dan TheDiamondMinecraft

Minevention: Dan TheDiamondMinecraft

Which YouTubers will be there? These YouTubers have so far confirmed., but there might be even more!

Gaming Tournament: You might even get to play against one of your YouTube heroes!

Minevention 2014 The Golden Ticket.. I wonder what that's for!

Minevention 2014 The Golden Ticket.. I wonder what that’s for!

Costume Contest: Help MineVention even break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title! All you have to do is dress like Steve. More Details on what to where on MineVention’s official site.

Learn about computer coding and its role in education, plus how Minecraft can be used as part of a teaching tool in schools

Minevention Helpful Staff

Minevention Helpful Staff

Volunteer Now! must be at least 16 years of age: http://minevention.co.uk/volunteer-form/

More information about the venue can be found here: http://minevention.co.uk/venue/


Official Homepage: http://minevention.co.uk/

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

So what are you waiting for?? You Missed MineCon…. Don’t miss this one too!

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