Who loves Mini-games? We do! This one is brought to you by Magib1, and its fun! BlitzBuild is a fast-paced replication game. All players are shown a build for 15 seconds, and then have 60 seconds to recreate it! But be careful – you can’t break any blocks, so there’s no undoing any mistakes you make!

Welcome to BlitzBuild!

Points are awarded based on accuracy and speed.
Average Time per Game: 10 minutes
Players: 1 to 5

36 Challenging Models!

All models are 5x5x5 or smaller, and players can add new models or change existing models to customize the game!

Model Preview

Hope you’re paying attention – you only get 15 seconds to memorize each model!

Get Building

Each player receives all the materials in the exact quantities they need to recreate the original model.

Viewing Room

Includes a viewing room so that you can look (and laugh) at everyone’s attempts!

Bring in the Models!

Once a player finishes their model, or once time runs out, it is moved into the viewing area.

Robust Scoring System

BlitzBuild consists of 5 rounds, each scored the same way. Each player’s score is calculated by subtracting the number of errors they made from the total number of blocks contained in each model, and then multiplying by 10. Players can also get a Speed Multiplier for finishing quickly!
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