Continuing on from last week’s review of Hypixel’s “UHC Champions”, I decided to have a look at the Shotbow Network. Last year, we looked at MineZ 2, so today I tried out the “Shotbow Games”.
Instead of a typical Hunger Games clone where you stand on a podium for 60 seconds, run to the center and die, the Shotbow Games feature a two minute period of invulnurability, followed by slaughter. Games are designed to take up to 120 players, and it can get very hectic.

Another deviation from the typical model is the ability to break blocks. In fact, there aren’t any chests (that I could find). You just get dumped in a minecraft world, and have to survive to the end, while gathering enough resources to kill everyone else.

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It’s a fun take on an overused and overdone PvP setting. I enjoyed the hectic nature, the rush to get as far away as possible from everyone else, then gear up, before returning to defeat everyone. (Or, in one of my games – huddling in a shelter to escape the mobs at night).

shotbow games review Minecraft

The Final Verdict

I love it. The Shotbow Games takes the hunger games format we know and sometimes love, and turns it upside down, removing all the fluff and faff, and giving players a better experience.

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