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The Shotbow Network released MineZ 2 very recently, and we went on to have a look at what all the craze is.
I logged in, completed the tutorial, and joined the Grimdale server.
I quickly found my first loot—a pair of trousers.

Upon drinking water directly from a river, I became infected. Apparently you have to boil water, or find clean stuff.
I met some other players, and hung out with them for a while, looting the town and killing zombies.

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Ooh, an achievement. Apparently there are quite a few achievements, and you can increase your proficiency by completing them.
Eventually, I came to Asinda. This appears to be the main city in the south of the MineZ 2 world. It’s pretty big, and I spent ages looking through it.

Did I mention it was pretty big?
Within an hour, I had a lot of loot, including a coveted health potion.
That was my experience. But what is MineZ 2 really? The Shotbow Network—Creators of MineZ 2—describe it as follows in their press release:

MineZ 2

Sequel to the popular MineZ gamemode, MineZ 2 makes its debut. Featuring the core backbone of MineZ, MineZ 2 takes things to a whole new level. In addition to the existing bleeding, infection, hunger, thirst, and healing systems of the first game, MineZ 2 introduces an extended crafting system, various qualities of armor and weapons, harvesting, purifying water and cooking. As a coup de grâce for end game players can design and purchase their own housing and purchase upgrades such as limited storage. From a technical standpoint, MIneZ 2 is the first true Minecraft MMO in that a single realm persists across multiple servers, complete with dungeon instancing and full load balancing. Over 1,000 players can be on a single MineZ 2 realm at a time.


  • A beautiful custom hand-painted map spanning 40,996,800 blocks (5256 x 6000 with a 5256 x 1800 planned expansion).
  • Advanced backend that uses multiple servers per realm, allowing over 1,000 players per world.
  • Advanced custom mob artificial intelligence, challenging players with powerful mini-bosses and deadly bosses requiring a team to defeat.
  • Grave robbing, thirst, hunger, bleeding, infection and advanced healing systems.
  • Cooking, weapon proficiency, crafting, water purification, and housing systems.
  • PvP arena to wager friendly challenges with no loss to character progress.

What’s the Verdict?

Having played on MineZ 2 for over an hour, I can safely say that i’ll be playing more in the coming weeks. It’s an awesome experience so far, and I can’t wait to fight the giants in the North. My only comment would be that there isn’t (in my opinion) enough food spread around. I very quickly ran out of stuff to eat.

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You can play MineZ 2 by joining or

MineZ 2 Website

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