While Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft late last year caused fear and worry that the game would be ruined, it appears that we don’t have anything to worry about. In yesterday’s Windows 10 Conference, Microsoft has announced the “HoloLens”, a futuristic headset that promises to bring holograms to daily life.

The HoloLens is meant to be a multipurpose device. The promotional video showed it being used with Minecraft, Skype, 3D modelling software and Netflix, among other things. But it’s with Minecraft that HoloLens shines. As the photos below show,  the ability to control minecraft with your fingertips isn’t too far away.



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We can’t wait to see how this turns out. According to a tweet by Jeb_, there are two Minecraft projects on the HoloLens at the moment “One is a toy, one is closer to the game, both are awesome! Very much wip, but definitely real”


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