Is Minecraft a violent game? Turkey thinks so!

Minecraft, the game that’s sold millions of copies and inspired hundreds of thousands of people to build, explore and create amazing things is now coming under investigation by Turkey’s family ministry, on the grounds that it “encourages violence – in particular against women”.

First reported by Hurriyet Daily News last Friday, it appears that the investigation was launched after complaints over Minecraft’s PVP, or Player vs Player gamemodes requiring players need to “kill women, allies and even friends to survive”.

This isn’t the first time Minecraft has come in the spotlight for “encouraging violence”. Kotaku reported in 2013 that a nine-year-old buy was sentenced to home confinement after bringing minecraft themed weapons to school.

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Does Minecraft encourage violence? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
Source: Turkey probes ‘violent’ Minecraft video game – Al Arabiya News.

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