I stumbled upon this mod while browsing PlanetMinecraft, and it’s possibly one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen in Minecraft. (Apart from the killer bunnies).


If wolves, cats and bunnies aren’t quite your thing, or you want a companion that can really fight alongside you, the Blocklings Mod is probably for you.

Described by creator WillR27‘s  as adding”small, cube-shaped, tameable mobs that grow up to become the biggest, baddest blocks around”, the Blocklings mod is a great addition to Minecraft. While it’s not something I would suggest adding to Vanilla, (unlike our community suggestions article from last week), it’s certainly a good addition for someone playing with a number of other game changing mods.

Blocklings can be upgraded, and used to attack mobs, and defend your base. Moreover, blocklings drop as spawn eggs when killed, meaning that you won’t lose your companion forever. The entire upgrade system appears quite complicated, but the guide on the PlanetMinecraft page is detailed and well written.

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Blocklings requires Minecraft Forge, and runs on Minecraft 1.7.10 only.

Source: Blocklings Minecraft Mod.

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