Are you sick and tired of complex, overwhelming resource packs? Want to return to a minimalist Minecraft experience, but with a few more pixels? MetalTxus’ Uncertainty might just be the resource pack for you! Created by MetalTxus, it’s 100% complete, and offers a simple, yet beautiful Minecraft experience.


I tested the resource pack on Caelum Silva, a secret project I’ve been working on, and a normal survival world. gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.47.31gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.48.28 gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.49.30 gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.49.51 gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.50.05 gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.50.27 gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.45.49 gearcraft minimalist resource pack 2016-02-24_23.46.46

The Verdict:

Uncertainty is a beautiful resource pack that creates and maintains the minimalist theme easily. Every single texture looks like it fits within the world — a feat many resource packs fail to achieve. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new way to experience Minecraft, Uncertainty is one of the best resource packs to try. Moreover, it’s 100% complete, and updated for 1.8, meaning you can download and use Uncertainty without any missing textures resulting in a jarring default texture showing up.

If you want to experience Uncertainty for yourself, you can download it from PlanetMinecraft.

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