Summary: Oscilight is a unique, creative and original puzzle map that I quite enjoyed. The map is completely playable, though certain levels need a large amount of patience. Aesthetically pleasing, the minimalist theme ties everything together well

It’s been a while since i’ve had a map or server to review, so I went looking on the Minecraft forums for something to check out. Among the numerous “Five Nights at Freddy’s” remakes, I found Dwittyy‘s “Oscilight”, which is touted as “A New Light on Puzzle Maps”. Intrigued, I took a look.

Oscilight relies on two simple mechanics: Stand on Green stained clay or glass, and the light will lift you up. Stand on Red stained glass, and the light will bring you down. Oh, and taking any damage restarts the level.

I played through most of the levels, and was impressed with the diversity of puzzles that could be created with such a simple mechanic. One room had me falling dropper style, but attempting to not take any damage, while another was a 3D maze which I had to navigate through using the light columns to lift me up or drop me down, while still having to figure out a way to the exit. Also useful was the “Reset Level” and “Return to HQ” functionality added in by way of potions.

I didn’t encounter any bugs, and the map was well polished, a rare thing considering the flood of quickly made custom maps available today.

You can download Oscilight from MinecraftForums.

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