What Makes “Open The Door” so good is it’s simplicity. It’s a single challenge—Get through as many doors as possible—and the execution is good. Open The Door is a great example of what the Minecraft Map community needs more of. It’s created by NailCity, and was uploaded to PlanetMinecraft on the 4th of November.

Which Door to Choose?

Which Door to Choose?

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NailCity describes his map as follows:
“Open the door is a luck /speed based game. You have to choose between 3 doors. If you have the right one you can go further. If you choose the wrong door you have to go back or you die.”

There are two different gamemodes – a challenge mode, and a timed mode. In the challenge mode, you have to restart if you pick a wrong door, which means you have to make a good guess. In the timed mode, you have a set period of time (30 seconds, 1 minute, two minutes or 5 minutes) to get through as many doors as possible.

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There is also an option to save levels; meaning the rooms aren’t reset at the end of a run.


What happens when you open the wrong door.

Over the course of two 2 minute runs, with level saving turned on, I managed to get through 43 rooms.

In terms of a rating, I scored the map a 76/100, because of the originality of the concept, and the fact that it works flawlessly. I didn’t get a chance to try out the multiplayer functionality, but I imagine it would be a lot of fun.

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Download the map from PlanetMinecraft, and make sure you let NailCity know we sent you.
Note: The Map requires Minecraft 1.8+

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