Yesterday saw the release of a new, innovative and interesting survival challenge map. Blocked In – A Survival Map With A Difference, was released by samasaurus6. We decided to take it for a test run, and see what it was like.

Blocked In

Blocked In is a new survival map designed for Singleplayer, but works with Multiplayer as long as players start together at the same time (No new players after map has started). In this map, you spawn on a small island surrounded by a 100 block wide world border. You’re enclosed and see other islands nearby, past the world border (WB). The aim is simple, expand the world and maintain a sustainable living. If you expand enough you will manage to reach new lands and explore. Different “events” affect the world border. The most important one being that every 1/2 a heart of damage you take, the WB decreases by 1 block. There are however, positive events that the player can do in order to expand the WB.

Events that affect the World Border Size


– Every 1/2 heart of damage you take, the WB decreases by 1 block.
– Every death decreases the WB by 10 blocks.
– Every fire started through the use of a flint and steel decreases the WB by 2 blocks.
– Every time you eat rotten flesh, the WB decreases by 3 blocks.
– Every time you kill a Player, the WB decreases by 5 blocks.
– Every time you find “junk” while fishing, the WB decreases by 12 blocks.
– Every day, the WB decreases by 1 block.


– Every time you kill a Creeper, the WB increases by 4 blocks.
– Every time you kill an Enderman, the WB increases by 8 blocks.
– Every time you kill a Witch, the WB increases by 10 blocks.
– Every time you catch a fish, the WB increases by 1 block.
– Every time you craft a golden apple, the WB increases by 20 blocks.
– Every time you find treasure while fishing, the WB increases by 9 blocks.

The Review

I started the world up, and began on Normal Difficulty, with all the settings at default.

Beginning my Challenge

Beginning my Challenge

I spawned in, and was informed that the world size was 100. From there, I began it as a normal minecraft world.

100 Blocks, you say?

100 Blocks, you say?

Chopping down trees led to a pickaxe, and then mining. I found coal and iron, and had a lot of cobblestone.

First Pickaxe

First Pickaxe

By the first night, I had taken 3 hearts of damage, but also had a large amount of resources

By First Night

By First Night

I also managed to start building a small house. In hindsight I should have spent this time mining, or something

I had a house

I had a house

I fought a lot of monsters at night (bad idea), and took some damage (a lot).

Fighting Monsters

Fighting Monsters

Well, I shouldn’t have been fighting monsters. I died just as dawn was breaking.

oh no...

oh no…

So if you die, and take enough damage before that, the worldborder is now tiny.



I couldn’t get back to my house, so I ended my review.

That's the end for me

That’s the end for me

The Verdict

Blocked In looks to be a promising map. I enjoyed the 20 minutes I spent playing it, and will be attempting the challenge again soon. I would recommend not attacking monsters on your first night, as you basically lose the game. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see what happens in future releases.


Download the map from the Minecraft Forum Page. Tell them we sent you

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