The Red Planet is a place many dream of going to. It’s something for the human race to aspire to – the current ultimate goal. Yet right now, you can explore it in Minecraft. GeoBoxers has created various areas of Mars in a 1:1 scale, in Minecraft.
Currently, the world is avaliable both as a server for anyone to join, and a world download.

Why Minecraft?

Not only is Minecraft perfectly suited as a digital tool for true global collaboration across age, gender, social class, race and religion, it is also perfectly suited for interaction with real-world data like the terrain models of Mars.
When looking at photos or maps from Mars you easily lose track of scale. There are no physical markers to indicate a certain known height. In Minecraft all blocks are 1m x 1m x 1m (or 3’x3’x3′) so the blockiness gives you a hint of the true size.

Read the entire article at GeoBoxers

You can join the server at (server runs version 1.7.10). The server will be shut down on January 16, 2015. If you want to explore Mars by yourself, you can download the maps here

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