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About a week ago I had to change my minecraft-related profile picture on youtube, because all it was doing was inducing major flame wars. Every comment I posted on a video would result in a 100 comment argument about how minecraft is for “little kids” and I should grow up. It’s just people judging me left, right and centre for enjoying a game apparently targeted at 10 year olds.
But is that really true? Is minecraft specifically targeted towards the younger demographics?

Speaking from my opinion, I think Minecraft has no specific target. It’s goal is to just create an environment anyone can enjoy. I don’t see what fundamentals of the game make it appear as a younger childrens game, apart from the graphics, which honestly play no part. Why is it the graphics that define Minecraft? If anything I think it’s what makes the game unique. If you are against the graphics, resource packs can be installed in the click of a few buttons.

Looking at the community of the game, children avoiding the game is adviced… Constant flame being thrown, trash talking, insults, the list goes on. Little children should not hear and intake any of the language used in our community. It’s discourteous, disrespectful and the last thing we would want to hear come out of a childs mouth.

Regarding the basics and essentials of the game, it may seem like it was created for a younger audience. But the game does require a bit of knowledge to know exactly what’s going on. It took me over a month of playing to fully understand what I was doing and had a decent knowledge of the game. The critics that only played for a short period of time, or not at all and haven’t fully dug down into all the nuts and bolts of the game.

It’s prejudiced, because all the teenagers have adapted to “good games” being first person shooters or having astounding 1024x graphics, when that isn’t the purpose of it all. Just because you can’t shoot a gun or throw a grenade doesn’t make it a bad game. People just need to “dig deeper” (no pun intended) into the game before they can jump to any conclusions.

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