image2This interview is part of Gearcraft’s ongoing Interview Series.

Today, we spoke to the developer of the OasisNetwork Xbox 360 Server. The format was slightly different—something we’re trying out at the moment—we asked 6 short questions, in exchange for six short answers.

This is the first time Gearcraft has actually interviewed a server developer, rather than a Youtuber, so it’s an interesting experience, and we’re still working. Speaking of which, you should totally check out our exclusive interview with AntVenom.

What inspired you to make a Minecraft Xbox 360 Server

I really enjoy entertaining others and I’ve always wanted to start a server.

What’s the greatest moment you’ve had on your server

The greatest moment was when I got a full server for 2 hours straight.

What are some cool builds you can show us?


The Awesome Bridge

I have a great server spawn, I made a cool bridge.

How do you get players on the server?

I will usually make a message to everyone saying “join now and get a free diamond or a free emerald”

How do you plan to grow your community?

I plan on making a PC server, and a website.

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

The server has been running for one week, I have a total of 9 users. Watch out for our biggest server competitor is ONYX HUB. Get in contact with us by adding Antipoisin on XboxLive

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We’d like to do more featurettes like this, so if you’re a server admin willing to do an interview, let me know – email [email protected]

What’s the best experience you’ve had on a server, let us know in the shiny new comments below!

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