I’m not exactly quite sure what to call this. Interactive Minecraft is a Minecraft Server, along with a livestream, and lets you interact with the real world by pressing buttons in Minecraft. When you join the server, you have to collect lottery tickets, which let you power up a beacon. You can also get (occasionally) Notch Apples, which let you shake a googley eyed cardboard Notch head in real life. The livestream also has the server shown, as if it’s part of the wall of the house.


The creator, i_makes_stuff, said that “this is an Interactive Minecraft Experience demonstrating the connection between our ‘real’ dimension and the ‘Minecraft’ dimension.”. While that sounds kind of crazy, it’s really fun to participate in. As well as being able to shake Notch’s head, you can also change the lights.

You can watch the livestream at www.interactiveminecraft.com, and play on the server at theserver.fluctis.com.


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