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You would never think that in a game like MineCraft, with such limited detail in the graphics, that certain skins would be an issue. People have been banned from servers for poor conduct in the game, hacking, and various other misdemeanors, but one of the most popular reasons is for using an “inappropriate skin”.

In a thread found on Planet Minecraft, some folks are discussing whether or not Bikini Skins should be banned from most MineCraft servers. The governing logic is that there are a wide variety of cultures around the world who don’t look favorably upon woman wearing bikini’s in public, and this discrimination is translating over to the world of pixels.


If you were to give a quick search on Banned Skins for MineCraft, you’ll typically find skins that most would not consider inappropriate. And even though there is a very large group of adults who play MineCraft, some would consider it to be a game for a younger audience and therefore the line of what is appropriate as a skin must be clearly drawn.

What types of skins do you think are to risque or inappropriate for Minecraft? Should Bikini skins be banned so as to respect the cultures of others?


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