Our friend @1235Trevor on Twitter has done is once again, this time he is going to teach us how make a fully functional machine gun in Minecraft for the Xbox360 in only 4 steps!, but it should of course work on any of the Minecraft platforms.

What you will need:

You need A Dispenser, Redstone, Wool, Redstone Torch, Lever & Arrows.

Step 1: Put the dispenser on the ground and wool 1 block behind it


Step 2: Put a Redstone torch on the wool and a wool block on the Redstone torch


Step 3: Put Redstone on the wool block then a trail of Redstone to a lever. Build another one right next to it


Step 4: Off on on off put arrows in it pull the lever and it will fire back and forth


That’s it! Let us know how it worked out for you, and make sure to submit any tutorials you might have to us.

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