Herobrine is the most notorious minecraft icons. Recently, notch confirmed his existence through a tweet. 

Minecrafters are also reporting Herobrine appearing in their games. Reddit user agentroi writes that

Just earlier today my little sister was playing pocket minecraft on her ipad. Whilst I was downloading mcpe to join her, she told me that “herobrine has joined your server,” and asked if that was me. I told her it wasn’t. I had to explain to her and my family (cuz they didn’t believe me) the story of herobrine, after he had destroyed one of her favorite houses and then left. In the beginning I thought it was funny, but after I found this tweet, it has become a lot more peculiar. Dunno if there’s any connection, or just some prankster on our hotel.

Have you ever seen Herobrine? Got any scary stories? Tell us in the comments below, and share with your friends!


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