Minecraft PC is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to Minecraft. The new Seus 10.2 is out with updated global illumination! Have mercy on my Computer! Its really awesome that these shader packs are available for free, I guess they have no choice if they want to keep it legal per the new EULA. So those who are wondering what global illumination is, there’s a nice explanation below from regarding it:

What is Global Illumination?

Global Illumination in Minecraft
If you don’t know what Global Illumination is: it’s a lighting model in which light is reflected by surfaces, and colored light transfers from one surface to another

Global Illumination in Minecraft

In the recent preview of Sonic Ether’s Shader he released an OpenGL system which renders Global Illumination in real time, that’s something that was even hard to achieve by Nvidia, but got implemented in the new 900 series of GPUs.

Here are some screenshots from Sonic Ether
Global Illumination in Minecraft

They got posted a while before the shaders got released on his facebook page.

These pics are recent
Global Illumination in Minecraft

HBAO is another type of ambient occlusion, it’s best visible when you turn down the smooth lighting with the Optifine settings

Green Orchard

Global Illumination in Minecraft
Global Illumination Disabled

Global Illumination in Minecraft
Global Illumination Enable

You can see more at Imgur.

Here you can download of the Seus 10.2 shader pack http://sonicether.com/shaders/download/v10.2Preview1Ultra

How to Install:
Install Forge, run minecraft, close it, drop the shader mod .jar file inside mods folder (in your mods folder (.minecraftmods). Then, run minecraft again. Add shaderpacks to your shaders folder (.minecraftshaders). Then select shaders. Done and running!

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