We want to thank all those who entered our contest! Our board is reviewing all the submissions and will pick a winner on the 25th of September.  In the meanwhile, you might as well check out JINX.com because the Grand PRIZE is a $100 shopping spree to JINX.com.  We will select a winner in 5 days and email them a gift card code for the website.  I think S&H is extra so account for that. We want to thank all those who entered again, and now without further ado, here are the Gearcraft Build Contest Submissions! Which ones do you like?

 This is from Jakob Menz - "I recreated a Cressy Class Cruiser in Minecraft"

 This is from Ryan


 This is from Maria Lopez - "I'm try my best to win"

 This is from Jill

 This is from Bilbo Baggins

Someone named @kittypawsc10, sent a submission without any pic attached? @kittypawsc10 Where you at!?

Okay so there you go guys, these were our official Gearcraft build contest submissions, meaning people who followed the rules when submitting.  We will pick a winner in 3 more days. Stay tuned. If you want, feel free to add your builds in the comments below.  If you have a favorite from these, leave a comment below.

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